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SLNYSARC Programs & Services

Career Opportunities assists persons with vocational barriers in obtaining and developing the skills necessary for successful employment through individualized employment and training services.

We provide home and community based services that target skill development and allow children to develop age-appropriate independent living and social skills using principles and strategy or Applied Behavior Analysis.

Community Arts programs offer creative, social, and recreational opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Day Habilitation Services offer activities that promote individualized opportunities. Services encourage self direction, independence and life long educational opportunities designed to suit the interests of the person and their support team.

Dodge Pond offers a summer recreation program, conference/retreat services, and has a certified Day Habilitation program on site. All services are located in an Adirondack-style lodge with a complete dining hall and overnight accommodations.

St. Lawrence NYSARC's Family Support Services provides social, recreational and respite opportunities to individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability that live with a family member. It also provides goods and services to families that need assistance maintaining a family unit.

Get Fit Gym consists of hydraulic circuit equipment that gently works muscles to help people increase their overall fitness. The circuit is eight machines that cover each major muscle group. The gym also has free weights and more!

The GOAL Gallery offers high quality art and handcrafted goods made my individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Family members or advocates are provided opportunities for education and consultation in response to concerns for the present and future care of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

St. Lawrence NYSARC operates a variety of residential opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in St. Lawrence County.

Seaway Industries provides individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilites the opportunity to succeed in meaningful careers, by providing high quality services to both private and government agencies.

Service Coordination is an entitlement program available to individuals who are diagnosed with developmental disabilities. It is not limited to any special age group, nor does a person have to be enrolled in a structured program.

St. Lawrence NYSARC's Transitions Program empowers young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through self-directed goal setting. Transitions focuses on independent living and community engagement activities.

In addition to Public Transit, SLNYSARC offers transportation for individuals who attend our programs and services.