The Gallery
of Art & Learning


101 Main Street
Canton, NY

(315) 386-4027

Gallery of Art and Learning

The G.O.A.L. Gallery (Gallery of Art and Learning) features local arts and crafts including jewelry and paintings made by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


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Custom Etching

G.O.A.L. offers custom etching for glass and ceramics, perfect for weddings and other special occasions.

G.O.A.L.'s Mission

To increase awareness of the talents of individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and to teach transitional living skills. G.O.A.L. will offer individuals increased opportunities to work with community members.

Artwork for Sale

Merchandise may include:
• paintings
• sculptures
• drawings
• etched items
• hand-sewn craft items
• hand-crafted jewelry

G.O.A.L. Exhibits

The G.O.A.L. Gallery is located on Main Street in Canton, NY, and offers exhibits at the front of the store featuring Community Arts Program Participants. Highlighted artwork will be dependent on the exhibition. The Gallery will also feature art work of area artists.

Working at G.O.A.L.

This storefront gives St. Lawrence NYSARC a unique opportunity to provide integrated employment options for people with disabilities. By working at GOAL, individuals are given special attention to learn skills that can assist in future employment in the community.