Jefferson Rehabilitation Center and St. Lawrence NYSARC explore unification

Jefferson Rehabilitation Center, a Chapter of NYSARC, Inc. which has been in operation since 1954, providing services, supports and opportunities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and sister Chapter St. Lawrence NYSARC since 1959, committed to maximizing the potential of people with disabilities, are exploring the opportunity of unification. The St. Lawrence and Jefferson Board of Directors have agreed to move forward with unification process immediately. A partnership between the two organizations would improve the ability of both agencies to fulfill their missions of supporting thousands of individuals with disabilities in St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties and their families.


Jefferson Rehabilitation Center’s innovative and strong leadership team has positioned the organization to continually adapt and transform the service delivery system. The agency has grown substantially over the past 10 years to become one of the largest employers in Jefferson County.  St. Lawrence NYSARC has expanded services to more than 750 people at 30 locations in St. Lawrence County, currently employing 590 staff. Both agencies are respected service providers that are known for constantly striving to enhance life options for individuals with disabilities. This collaboration will further enhance the complementary services offered by both organizations.


Jefferson Rehabilitation Center has prided its success on the development of diverse programs such as contracts with Fort Drum, relocation and expansion of the Work Center model, operation of two UPS stores, the implementation of the JRC Foundation, and the successful operation of a variety of services enjoyed by people daily. St. Lawrence NYSARC is proud to offer a continuum of supports and services for people with disabilities ranging from four years old to senior citizens. The organization is also a County leader in the implementation of employment for people with disabilities through strategic business partnerships, federal custodial contracts at three locations, as well as several community redemption sites and stores.


As chapters of NYSARC, Inc. with a shared vision, this partnership will strengthen both organizations through streamlined management and business functions ensuring a sustainable future for people with disabilities, their families, and staff. The process of unification will be overseen by a joint Board Committee and leadership teams from both organizations. The priority for St. Lawrence NYSARC and Jefferson Rehabilitation Center will always remain to provide high quality, meaningful services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.