St. Lawrence NYSARC Holds Annual Meeting to Honor Achievements

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – St. Lawrence NYSARC, a private, non-profit organization committed to maximizing the potential of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, recently held their Annual Dinner Meeting at SUNY Potsdam’s Barrington Student Union to elect the officers as well as honor staff members and program participants.

The elected officers for St. Lawrence NYSARC’s Board of Directors for 2014-2015 are as follows: Patricia Campanella, President; Jackie Sauter, 1st Vice President; Anne Townsend, 2nd Vice President; Clyde Butz, Treasurer and Phyllis Shimmel, Secretary.

The meeting marked St. Lawrence NYSARC’s 55th Anniversary; celebrating their history and looking forward to a future of innovative services for people with developmental disabilities. Staff members, program participants, volunteers, and employees were recognized for their achievements during the past year.

The St. Lawrence NYSARC Staff Member of the Year is Cindy Anderson, direct support professional for work in Residential Services in Gouverneur. Anderson was selected for her dedication, positivity, and sense of humor. Diane Shantie received the Seaway Industries Employee of the Year Award. She works on a federal contract at the Border Patrol Station on Trippany Road in Massena. Shantie was recognized for her reliability, cooperative nature, and commitment to constant, quality improvement.

Board Members and Administration also recognized staff members celebrating an anniversary for years of service. The following staff members were acknowledged for five years of service: Tina Bender, Jillian Bisonette, Alyssa Brand, Kyle Cabaniss, Ruth Cameron, Brendon Corbine, Angela Craig, Spencer Flanagan, Patricia Gonyou, Deborah Hill, Brenda House, Tammy House, Diana Hyatt, Joanne Jones, Helen June, Leona Lefleur, James Mason, Patricia Mattioli, Abedelkrim Moumen, Carrie Patton, Roxanne Phillips, Mea Premo, Brittany Queor, Tamara Rosemyer, Jason Russell, Rena Ryan, Deana Shepard, Virginia Sheridan, Kelly Smith, Sheri Stark, Bethann Thompson, Allen Trimm, Nathan Vassmer, and Mellyssa Woodward.

In honor of ten years of service, the following people were recognized: Erica Barlow, Jacinda Barney, Candy Bjork, Jamie Clark, Jack Clough, Charlene Day, Mary Lalonde, Owen Meashaw, Tina Oney, Peggy Pearson, Andrea Montgomery, Michelle Quinell-Gayle, Marsha Rafter, Bernard Rubadue, Gregory Southwick, Jessica Stratton, Peter White, Kimberly Willard, and Evelyn Williams.

In honor of 15 years of service, the Agency acknowledged: Carolyn Barker, Stephen Burgess, Chris Cryer, Susan Freego Gibbons, Elaine Creighton, Dawn MacDonald, Grace Mittelstaedt, Laurie Nowak, Elizabeth Richards, Nancy Wilson, and Ryan Wood.

The following staff members were recognized for 20 years of service: Erin Backus, Terri Bombard, Nichole Crump, Michael Davis, Bridgette Denny, Fred Deshane, Angela Donaldson, Linda Love, and Barbara Garrow.

St. Lawrence NYSARC also honored several staff members for 25 years of service, including: Daniela Austin, Peter Bodway, Katy Brown, Jeri Lynn Tiernan, Laurie Clemens, James Davey, Faye Farr, Lorrie Isaman, Barb Kahrs, Carole Keyser, Joseph Kovach, Robert LaCoss, Tracy Wood, Douglas Ramsey, Kelley Rheaume, Daphne Smith, Liz VanBrocklin, and Michelle Woodard.

Denise Kingsley, Sue Fountain, and Elswood Love were recognized for their commitment of 30 years to the Agency.

During the past year, Robert Spears and Thomas VanOrnum reached the milestone achievement of 35 years of dedicated service to St. Lawrence NYSARC.

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In photo 1 from left to right: James Love, St. Lawrence NYSARC’s Associate Executive Director of Day Services; St. Lawrence NYSARC’s Employee of the Year Diane Shantie; and Nils Peterson, Employment Specialist for St. Lawrence NYSARC.

In photo 2 from left to right: Patricia Campanella, President of St. Lawrence NYSARC's Board of Directors; St. Lawrence NYSARC Staff Member of the Year, Cindy Anderson; and Mark Keller, St. Lawrence NYSARC's Associate Executive Director of Residential Services.

About St. Lawrence NYSARC:
St. Lawrence NYSARC exists as a non-profit membership association dedicated to full inclusion and integration for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities within our communities. The Agency’s mission is to offer individuals and their families an opportunity to achieve self-determined goals and provide life-long learning opportunities.

Daphne Pickert
St. Lawrence NYSARC

May 19, 2014